No-Cost Bench Program

Whether you are looking to add something new to your park or school, or an organization/business looking to gain more advertisement, our program can benefit all.

Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us with your idea for a free custom design and quote
  2. Contact local businesses or members for sponsorship  OR community/organization where you would like the bench or product placed
  3. Once funds are raised OR placement of product is confirmed, PG&M will create the custom bench or product to meet everyone's needs.  


The Lions are a very active organization in their community and were looking to get their name and the memory of Matt McCarville more recognition. Through our sponsorship program, the Lions funded this bench with their name, logo and in memory of message, and then donated it to the school in their community.

Veterans Bench

The community of Brodhead was looking to add benches to it's park, but didn't have the financial means to purchase several of our products. Through donations from local businesses and community members, such as families of veterans , The Bank of Brodhead, and National Mutual Benefit, these benches were funded, created and placed in the park. In return each donator was able to place their name (whether business or personal) and/or a personal message on the bench they sponsored.


For more information on starting your No-Cost Bench project, please Contact Us!